Giving You the Realism Your Training Courses Need


Mirror Image Military Systems was started in order to help fill the gaps in creating hyper realistic training environments for Military MOUT training use while remaining within budget. Our high-density polymer panels are easy to install, require virtually no maintenance, withstand paintball munitions and add realism to any training course.

Spray textures add another level of realism to container base villages and structures. With the addition of EagleCoat™ to our textures, your buildings and containers can withstand practically anything your soldiers or officers can throw at it during MOUT training scenarios.

Our panels have all gone through rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance under practically every circumstance. They’ll stand up to impacts, blinding heat, freezing conditions, snow, rain, high winds and more while retaining their realistic quality. Not only are they great for outdoor usage, many can also be installed safely indoors for use in shoot house designs as well.

Whether you’re looking to recreate a Third World village, Commercial/Industrial environments or even Residential scenarios for Military and Police training, we’ll work with you to turn your vision into your training ground.

Why Use Our High-Density Polymer Panels & Spray Textures?